Terms and Conditions of Service


'We' or 'Us' means EZEveryday shopping service.
'Seller' means Store, Merchant, or Seller.
'You' or 'Your' means the Client, the Buyer, the User, the Customer.
'Goods' means the item or items that you are purchasing.


1.We reserve the right to refuse service for any reason. By registering at our site or using our service, you are giving your consent to receive emails from us. If you wish to be taken off the email list, please send your request to unsubscribe@ezeveryday.com.
2.We do not and will not order or receive goods which may not be exported from the USA, such as flammable items (nail polish, perfume, aerosol sprays, adhesives, etc.), explosives, ammunitions, military items (body armor, gas masks, uniforms, helmets, clips, mounts, etc.), weapons, and any and all goods that may not be legally exported from the USA or imported into your country. This rule is very strictly enforced, and there will be no exceptions. If you order an item that we receive which fits into this category, you are still responsible for any fees for our service, we will attempt to return the goods to the seller, and you will also be charged a $20.00 USD return handling fee plus return shipping fee. If we cannot return such items to the seller, we will dispose of the item(s), and you will receive no compensation of any kind. If you have any doubt, question, or concern about an item, we strongly advise you to ask us about the item before ordering it.
3.We do not share your personal information with any 3rd party, unless necessary, such as if the Seller is shipping goods directly to you.
4.It is Your responsibility to pay any customs or duty taxes that may be charged by your country upon receipt of Goods. We do not mark any shipment as gift. As a complimentary service, we remove all packing slips and invoices from all packages before forwarding to you. This does not include price tags or price slips. We do not guarantee that all such price slips or tags will be removed if requested, and we are not responsible for any charges that may be incurred by your customs department if such documents are still in your package. Again, you as the importer bear full responsibility to your country's customs department to declare the true amount you pay for the goods. EZEveryday is held completely and entirely blameless and without any obligation whatsoever should your customs department charge import duty/fees. If you specifically do require for us to send that to you, you must make that request, in writing, prior to us shipping the product to you, then we will send a copy of the receipt or packing slip. For BFY orders, since we are the actual customer, if you want the receipt, we reserve the right to omit or otherwise remove our private information from the receipt. It is also Your responsibility to complete and/or file any applicable forms or documents for importing your Goods. We provide tools to help with these forms, but it is Your responsibility to use those tools. If any of the submitted information is missing, we reserve the right to amend as necessary. It is your responsibility to know and follow the customs laws of your country, and any tarrifs or duty imposed by your country is solely your obligation to pay. If any issues arise with your country's customs, it is solely your responsibility to resolve those issues.
5.BFY (Buy For You) and RFY (Receive For You) is a service that we provide. The charge for BFY service is 5% of the total purchase (per order) excluding domestic shipping charges, with a $5.00 USD minimum fee (10% with $10 minimum for in-store purchases). In the case of certain clothing (A&F, Hollister, H&M, Adidas, Columbia, etc.) and handbag (Coach, etc.), or sites where multiple individual sellers sell goods with one central checkout the service fee is 10%. We have a 5% with $10 minimum fee for eBay, Poshmark, Amazon Marketplace (any website with individual, unique sellers) transactions (if you need to cancel an *automated* bid on ebay, please let us know at least 8 hours before the end of the auction, or you may still have an obligation to buy.. non-automated bids cannot be retracted). If you are buying more than one item from the same eBay seller in the same transaction, the fee is $5 per additional item (applies only to buy it now items - bidding/offers are $10 each even if same seller). We are not the Seller of the Goods. We are not responsible for the quality of the goods nor any warranty on the goods. We are not responsible for mis-shipments (i.e., wrong size, color, style, etc.) of the Seller, as long as what We have ordered was correct. We do, however, provide assistance to rectify any problem you may have with your order. We will help you to exchange or refund, but You are responsible for any and all international and domestic shipping charges that may be incurred. If you have any coupons you wish us to use for your order, you must notify us of the coupon and intended discount. We reserve the right to use our own coupon or discount, if none is provided to us, or to use a coupon that provides a greater discount than the one you have provided to us. If our discount is greater, any difference in the price is retained by EZEveryday and will not be disclosed. BFY service can, on some occasions include pay for you service. If we are paying for your goods, but not receiving them (shipping to 3rd party), then you agree to hold EZEveryday harmless and not responsible for loss, damage, incorrect or incomplete orders.
For BFY service, we check the Quantity of the Goods received, but we do not check the accuracy of the Goods received. We only order using our accounts with the merchant. If you would like to order using your account, then please do so using our RFY service. If you require detailed checking of your order, you will be charged $5.00 USD per item. We reserve the right to refuse such detailed checking. We will attempt to deliver the Goods to you in a timely manner, so that if there are any errors in your order, we will have time to help you to fix it. It is Your responsibility to notify us within 72-hours of receipt of your goods if there is a problem.
We are not the Seller, and we do not have expertise or knowledge about the goods that you are ordering. We can perform a power-on test for electric goods, if requested. The charge for this is $5.00 USD per item. We reserve the right to refuse to perform a power-on test (such as if the item is packed in a way that would be very difficult to re-pack). We do not and can not guarantee the proper functionality of the item tested.
6.If there is a price adjustment, and you ask us to contact the merchant to request such, the original service fee remains the same, and we will charge an additional service fee (based on the new total), as we treat it as second order. Please ensure your savings will be worth more than the additional service fee before you request this service.
7.RFY (Receive For You, also referred to as RFM) is a service wherein we receive the goods that you have ordered from the seller. The charge for RFY service is $5.00 USD for the first box or package received (per order), $3.50 USD for the 2nd box or package received (from the same order), and $1.00 USD for each box or packaged received thereafter (from the same order). If you enter the details of your order into our 'Receive For Me' form before we receive your order, each unique order will receive $1.50 discount. In case of very heavy or large orders, we also reserve the right to charge a $5.00 USD oversize/overweight fee when your total order is 35-49 pounds (50 pounds and over is $10) either actual or dimension weight. If your order consists of multiple parcels, and if more than one of them are over the weight or size limit, then the oversize/overweight fee applies to each parcel of that order which is over the limit. Dimension weight is calculated a Height * Width * Length / 139 (calculated in inches).
We do not check quantity or quality of the goods received on RFY orders. If you require such checking, there is a minimum charge of $5.00 USD per item, or more, depending on the situation. We will advise you of such fees before performing such service or charging such fees. We reserve the right to refuse detailed checking. If you require any assistance for returning or exchanging goods for either BFY or RFY, we charge $7.00 USD for such service, and any international or domestic shipping charges are your responsibility. Power-on testing charges and terms apply as described in paragraph 5, above.
For RFY service, we are not the Buyer of the goods, and we will not portray in any manner to the seller that we are the buyer of the goods. We will not e-mail the Seller on your behalf, nor will we place or receive telephone calls about your order. If the Seller will not ship your goods without such contact from us, then you must cancel your order. We invite you to use our BFY (Buy For You) service, instead, to order your goods.
For RFY service, it is required that you use the address format that we provide to you for your use as the shipping address for your order. Failure to use the proper format may result in an undeliverable parcel, for which we have NO responsibility. If you haven't received your goods within 1-month of the time you ordered, please let us know as soon as possible; else, it may not be possible for us to help you get a refund.
8. If the Seller cancels your order, We do not charge any fee. In the case of RFY, no fees are charged until we have actually received part or all of your order. If You wish to cancel your order after we have already placed it for you (BFY service), you are still responsible for the full service charge for your order, and any return shipping fees that may be incurred. To avoid such fees, please try to be certain of your order before you ask us to provide the service.
We do not guarantee that any BFY order will be placed. Often, sales have a limited time, and it may already be too late to place your order by the time that we receive your order (especially during holidays). We maintain normal operating hours of Monday - Friday (except holidays), from 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM Central Time (USA). Requests received during these hours have a much better chance of being processed on time. Requests received outside of these hours will be processed in a timely manner to the best of our ability. Merchandise (especially sale and clearance) is often out of stock by the time we receive your request. We provide you tools to give us back-up items to order, if any minimum order amount is required to meet certain discount requirement. We do our best to provide excellent service and to SAVE YOU MONEY, but when items are out of stock or sales end, please understand these things are outside of our control.
9.We want to help you to save money on international shipping. We offer FREE SERVICE to consolidate your orders into as few boxes as possible and to ship everything to you at once. We do our best to reduce the dimensions of the package(s), so that your shipping costs are as low as possible. Please understand, however, that certain goods you receive are simply very large and do not weigh much. In most cases, there will be no way to work around this, and we will be charged by the courier for the dimensions of your parcel. Therefore, we must charge you the greater of actual weight or dimension weight, just as the courier will charge us. If shipping via USPS, we add $1.50 handling fee.
We charge $1.00 USD per item to remove shoe boxes, gift boxes, hangers, price tags and/or other packaging materials if you request this. You must clearly specify if you want any shoe boxes, gift boxes, hangers, or other packaging materials removed from your order. If you have not requested this, we will not remove them. For BFY orders, this service is FREE with no limitations. Again, you must request if you wish us to perform this service.
10.We are not responsible for delays in shipments. We are not responsible for any damages or losses incurred during shipping. We will offer assistance to help you to file claims or damage or losses, but it is ultimately your responsibility, as the receiver of the goods, to contact the delivery courier of any such incident and to file any necessary forms. If you wish for us to add any shipping insurance against damage or loss, you must clearly indicate such request and the amount of insurance you wish, then the cost of the additional insurance will be added to your shipping charges. Although we will work with you and the underwriter, we have no control over the outcome of an insurance claim. Without adding insurance, most couriers only allow a maximum of $100.00 USD for claims. Please note that USPS small flat-rate parcels do NOT include any insurance.
11. If you have any special packaging/shipping requests, you must clearly notify us before we ship your goods to you. Examples of such requests include but are not limited to double-boxing items, removing retail packaging, using extra protection (bubble-wrap, packing peanuts, etc.), or wrapping your package in brown paper. If you want us to ship using a specific courier, you must request this; otherwise, we will use whichever courier will have the least overall shipping cost. These requests may result in a higher shipping charge, due to increased dimensions of your parcel, and some requests may result in a minimum fee of $5.00, depending on the situation. In most cases, we will not add a fee, but if it requires a great amount of extra work or material that we must provide, then we will charge a fee.
12.If you require any refund of any monies paid to Us, such refund must be made in the same method that you have made the payment. For example, payments by Paypal must be refunded to the SAME Paypal account.. bank wires received must be returned to the SAME bank account, etc.
13.We offer FREE STORAGE of your goods for the first 45-days after we receive them. On the 45th day, there will be a $1.00 per order, per week storage fee charged. If you have not requested for us to ship your goods after we have stored them for 120 days, then we may dispose of your goods as we see fit, and you will not be compensated.
14You are our customer, and you will obtain only one account with us. We understand that you may represent more than one end customer (group sales). It is your responsibility to calculate and maintain your own records regarding balances and payments due to you from your own customers.
Governing Law.
You agree not take any legal action against us that relates to or arises out of any of our websites without first (a) sending us, via registered mail or national overnight courier service, a detailed written description of the facts and law out of which your claim arises; and (b) negotiating with us, in good faith, for not less 30 days, toward resolution of the dispute. All correspondence concerning such dispute must be sent to dispute at EZEveryday.com, or such other designee as EZEveryday may identify from time to time. This Agreement is governed by Missouri law as such laws apply to Agreements entered into and to be performed entirely within Missouri between Missouri residents and without regard to conflict of laws.
Entire Agreement
This Agreement constitutes the entire Agreement and supersede any other Agreements or understandings (oral or written) between you and us with respect to their subject matters.