Welcome to EZEveryday Shop USA Service

Shopping in USA is EZ at EZEveryday:

  1. Fill the Buy For You Form (Tell us what you want us to buy from USA on your behalf).
  2. Pay for your purchases using our Paypal Deposits link.
  3. When we receive your item(s), we will send you notification of receipt via e-mail, and the status of your case will be updated here on our website.
  4. When we have received all of your cases/items, you notify us of what you would like us to ship to you.  This can easily be done by checking the boxes next to each case in the 'Ship Now' column of the Overview Page.
  5. After we have packed your items, we'll send you a payment request for the balance due, including the international shipping charges.  Once again, please use the Paypal Deposits link to make your payment.
  6. We'll provide you with the tracking number(s) for your package(s) shipping from USA, and the goods will be delivered to your door!