Shopping in USA

How to Buy from USA and Save Money!

Did you know that when you're shopping in USA websites, just because your IP Address is from another country, the store sometimes shows different (higher) prices to you?
Some stores don't accept non-US credit cards, so you have no way to check out.
Many times, they won't even ship their products outside of the USA, or if they do, the shipping from USA charges are very expensive.
Stores sometimes offer coupons, yet those coupons are only valid by users from the USA!

We at EZEveryday, are here to help you Shop USA and maximize your savings!
  1. Just tell us what you want to order. We'll place the order on your behalf. Since we're in the USA, we'll have the lowest advertised prices available to us.
  2. Provide us with the coupon code that you want us to use, and you'll be able to save considerable money. Since we're placing the order for you, you can even use the USA-only coupons!
  3. Order from as many stores as you want. We'll receive all the orders for you. We can ship them to you as they come in, if you're in a hurry... but, if you really want to save some money:
  4. We'll hold your items until ALL of your orders have arrived. Then, we'll consolidate all your items together into only one or two boxes and ship them together all at once, as ONE shipment.
    If you add up the cost of having each order shipped to you by itself, you'll see how and why this is a BIG money-saver!
Shopping from USA websites, eBay, Amazon, and stores is really EZ with EZEveryday! Let us help you SAVE MONEY, and we'll make it win-win for us all.